A note on the HDOT website

In my cremation remains post I replied to the arguments of the HDOT website on the survival of teeth in cremations, and therefore had a chance to look around the site. The contents are of an astonishingly low quality, and contain some real howlers. Of course, this is perfectly consistent with the site functioning as a highly effective vehicle of propaganda with the typical low-information reader.

One feature that stands out is how much of the site is devoted to refuting denierbud’s video One third of the holocaust. Their knowledge of revisionism seems to go no further than this, so that when on their page on tooth survival they quote from Arnulf Neumaier’s article The Treblinka Holocaust, but attribute the passage to denierbud! Their myth / fact sheets are mostly recycled from Nizkor. But look at their list of donors:

Emory University is grateful to all those who have supported the establishment of this website and the educational work associated with it. The original work on the site was made possible by a generous grant from the Charles H. Revson Foundation. In addition, we wish to thank Jerri-Ann Jacobs and Gary E. Jacobs, The Jewish Community Endowment Fund on behalf of The Fern E. and William J. Lowenberg Philanthropic Fund, the Howard and Leslie Schultz Family Foundation, and The Wilf Family Foundation. More recently, the generosity and hard work of Angelica Berrie and Milton and Shirley Gralla have led to the creation of an endowment to provide ongoing support for this website.
Contributors to the Endowment

Ms. Dana Post Adler
Mr. Myron Alder and Mrs. Elaine Adler
American Express Foundation
Mr. Robert D. Appelbaum
Ms. Ernestine Apsler
Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Arogeti
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Henry Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Axelrod
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Beatus
Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust
Mr. Tamir Ben-Yoseph
Helene & Adolph Berger Family Foundation
Ms. Angelica Berrie
The Russell Berrie Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David Bindelglass
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Birdoff
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Blumenthal
The Brandeis-Bardin Institute
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Braverman
Shirley & Simcha P. Brickman Fund
Mr. Edgar M. Bronfman
Mr. James T. Bruen and Ms. Jane R. Plitt
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Charish
The Chastell Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Cohen
The Cohen Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Neil & Sharon Danzger Philanthropic Fund
Ms. Margarete Davies
Ms. Mary Jo Duncanson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Epstein
Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Pat Epstein
Mr. Steven A. Fetter
Le Frank Management Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Ary Freilich
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Fridman
Ms. Julie Monkarsh Gadinsky
Ms. Ginger Goldhammer
Mr. George Goldman
Mr. Bernard Goldstein
Ms. Irma Goldwasser
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Goodman
Mr. Stanley L. Goodman and Ms. Melinda Raphael
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gontownik
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gralla
Gralla Family Philanthropic Fund
Judith and Frank Greenberg Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Greenes
The Halbert Foundation
Mr. Jack Halpern
Mr. Dov Hamburger
Mr. Robert Hanyok
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Hartz
Mr. Frederic Heim
Ronne and Donald Hess Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart V. Himmelfarb
Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Holleb
The Horowitz Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Janvey
Mr. Maurice Jeger
Dr. Zvi S. Marans and Ms. Nina L. Kampler
Mr. Thomas R. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Ilan Kaufthal
Mr. and Mrs. Perry T. Kirk
Mr. Daniel L. Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Davi Kutner
Laura and Gary Lauder Philanthropic Fund
Mr. and Mrs. James R. LaVelle
Lehmann Philanthropic Fund
The Honorable and Mrs. Elliott H. Levitas
Ms. Marion Lieberman
The Fern E. Lowenberg Revocable Trust
Mr. William A. Malone
Mrs. Lenore S. Maslia
Lenore and Victor Maslia Foundation
Leo Melamed Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. H. Stephen Merlin
Ms. Frieda Metzer
Miss Marcy L. Meyers
Ms. Shirley Mills
Mozel Charitable Trust
Mr. Avi Naiman
Mr. Melvin S. Newman
Ollendorff Center
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Plafker
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Pollock
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Primer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Reisboard
Joshua & Nirit Resnick Foundation
Ms. Wendy Rosenberg-Nadel
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Rosner
Sandler Family Philanthropic Fund
Colin and Jane Scher Family Fund
Schlussel Family Foundation
The Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Schwarz Family Foundation
Norman & Barbara Seiden Foundation
Ms. Pearl Seiden
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Seiden
Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Shaiman
The Sheerr Foundation
Ms. Linda Silverberg
Mr. and Mrs. Adalbert B. Smook
Mr. Michael Starr
Ms. Tracy Stein
Ms. Marcia Steinberg-Klehr
Jeffrey M. & Susan K. Stern Fund
Ms. Linda S. Stevens
Temple Beth Tikvah
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Trilling
Marcel Tuchman, M.D., P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Vitaris
Mr. and Mrs. David Manek Werdiger
Mr. Jonathan Wornick
Diane and Howard Zack Philanthropic Fund

With all that money, it’s astonishing that they couldn’t produce higher quality arguments.

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