Cremation remains: Yanov versus Treblinka

The fact that human remains covering an area of 1.8 hectares were allegedly found at Treblinka is often cited as evidence for extermination at that camp, e.g. by Roberto Muehlenkamp in the controversial bloggers’ “white paper”. But check out what the Soviets said they found at Yanov:

In confirmation of what I said just now, I refer to the report of the Extraordinary State Commission relative to Yanov Camp in the city of Lvov. The Tribunal will find this on Page 59 in the document book, Paragraph 5 of the first column of the text. But at the same time, I ask the members of the Tribunal to refer to Page 6 of the album of documents relative to the Lvov Camp. One of them is a picture of “a trench in the valley of death.” The ground is soaked with human blood to the depth of 1 1/2 meters. On the next pages are shown the belongings taken from the executed persons. This picture was taken by the experts of legal medicine about 2 months after the mass shootings.

From the reports of the Extraordinary State Commission on crimes in the Yanov Camp it can be seen that here in what was officially a usual work camp, over 200,000 Soviet citizens were exterminated, according to the findings of the legal experts. I quote only the first paragraph on Page 261 of the Russian text. I begin the quotation:

“In view of the total area of burial grounds and the area of 2 square kilometers in which the ashes and bones were scattered as well the expert commission concluded that in the Yanov Camp there were exterminated over 200,000 Soviet citizens.

2 square kilometers is 200 hectares. That means that if we accept the Soviet claim that 2 square kilometers of remains indicates 200,000 dead, then 1.8 hectares should indicate 1,800 dead at Treblinka.

On the other hand, if we accept the standard Treblinka death toll, then scaling up from 1.8 hectares to 200 hectares should indicate that close to 100 million people were exterminated at Yanov.

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