Perpetrators Victims Bystanders

One of the more tedious aspects of “holocaust studies” is its procrustian use of the typology “perpetrators, victims, bystanders”. Victims means Jews, of course. The victim status of other groups may occasionally be gestured at, but they will always remain second class victims. Perpetrators means people doing something the Jews don’t like, and bystanders means people who don’t stop other people from doing things that Jews don’t like. This terminology is useful for controlling the narrative without expending any intellectual effort, because the important issues are already decided in the terms used: Jews are victims therefore good; Germans and their collaborators are perpetrators therefore bad; most others are bystanders therefore questionable, so they’d better beg the Jews for forgiveness; end of story.

This image, which came to my attention courtesy of The Black Rabbit of Inlé, offers an excellent visual expression of this typology.


As the text explains

I don’t hold a grudge against girls, but after the Tailbone Patrol’s chili holocaust I’m of the opinion there’s a time and place for them, and it’s not in the kitchen – at least, not when you’re preparing dinner for two hundred people.

Clearly girls are the perpetrators of the chili holocaust. (Another view of one of these nefarious perpetrators can be seen in the image below.) The victim is at the center of the above image. He feels like he’s been poisoned, and gasps for air – familiar feelings in a victim being asphyxiated by carbon monoxide or hydrogen cyanide in a lethal gas chamber. The three bystanders are at the left of the image. They may think their hands are clean…


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