Burial space, part 9: mass graves for an Iasi “death train”

This plan shows the size and shape of the graves for one of the Iasi “death trains”.


We will ignore the smaller graves and focus on the largest two. They had surface areas of 111 and 96 square meters, and held 520 and 468 bodies. This comes to 4.68 and 4.88 bodies per square meter of grave.

The depth of the graves was three meters, with a cover layer that was supposed to be at least one meter. This gives the large graves a burial density of roughly 1.6 bodies per cubic meter of excavation. If we ignore the cover layer and assume a depth of two meters, it would be 2.4 bodies per cubic meter.

Source of the map: Ion Şerbănescu (ed), Evreii din România între anii 1940-1944, Vol III, Part 1, Hasefer, 1997, p. 236. The depth of the graves is given in the document reproduced on the preceding pages.

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