Burial space, part 8a: update on the Tomasica site

A previous post in this burial space series addressed several mass graves in the Balkans, including the recently discovered Tomasica mass grave site. The progress of the excavations at that site allow us to give a somewhat more complete, though still preliminary, assessment of this interesting mass grave.

According to a recent AP article, 430 bodies have been recovered from the site. The pit is described as being 10 meters deep and having an area of 5,000 square meters. Unfortunately a clear map of the site is still lacking, but this information is still helpful. A useful reference point: 5,000 square meters is nearly equal to the surface area of the Belzec graves claimed to exist by Kola, and 10 meters is dramatically greater than their depth. However, the 430 bodies at Tomasica constitute roughly 1/1000th the number of bodies supposedly buried at Belzec. This reinforces the previously made argument against Muehlekamp’s (deep graves) —> (six figure killing) contention.

For more pictures of the site, see here and here. What a shame that we won’t get to see comparable photos for excavations – real, complete excavations – of the Reinhardt camps.

Note: There has been much talk, but few verifiable details, about the removal of some previously buried bodies from the site; for our purposes this issue does not matter, as even if the body count is doubled or tripled to account for such removals the figures will still support the point being made. (Possible burial totals being considered for the site top out at little over 1000.)

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