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C.S. Bendel and ceiling height (reply to an argument advanced by ‘Hans’)

The Auschwitz gassing witness C.S. Bendel, as is well known, is completely discredited by, among other things, his absurd mischaracterization of the dimensions of the alleged gas chambers, and in particular of the ceiling height, which Bendel claimed was only … Continue reading

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A remedial note on cremains

Given that the posters at the (censored) “Skeptics Society” forum, including the holocaust controversies camp follower known by the pseudonyms “KentFord9” and “Statistical Mechanic”, have recently been making fools of themselves on the subject of cremation remains, this post may … Continue reading

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A question for Jonathan Harrison

While writing my paper on the Tesch trial, I thought I was doing a fairly thorough job looking through the available sources. Alas, it seems that the great researcher Jonathan Harrison has got the better of me. Harrison writes: It … Continue reading

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New paper on the Tesch trial

New paper on the Tesch trial available here. For those who would prefer something paginated, here’s a pdf: Tesch (This is the final version of the paper submitted to Inconvenient History, and does not contain whatever final alterations the editors … Continue reading

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