A question for Jonathan Harrison

While writing my paper on the Tesch trial, I thought I was doing a fairly thorough job looking through the available sources. Alas, it seems that the great researcher Jonathan Harrison has got the better of me. Harrison writes:

It should be noted that several Tesch & Stabenow’s own employees testified in 1946 that Zyklon-B was used for murder. Note the testimony of the witnesses cited in Part 4 of this report on the case:


Tesch had written about the murderous use of Zyklon-B in his own company’s records, and these notes were seen by his employees. This is not therefore a question of witnesses being confused between delousing and murder. The OP on this thread is simply ignoring what the witnesses actually said and, in effect, taking a Straw Man approach to their testimony.

It is frankly incredible that the ‘delousing’ gambit is still being used in some quarters when this issue was settled incontrovertibly by the company’s own employees 61 years ago.

It’s clear that Mr. Harrison has information I do not. Who are these “several” employees, Jon, and just what did they testify? If you take a break from the youtube videos, Jon, maybe you’ll be able to answer.

(Mr. Harrison has made a slight mistake in linking to the summary of the case, which does not support his claim concerning several TESTA witnesses, although it does contain an incorrect description of Anna Uenzelmann’s testimony. Despite his quoting that erroneous description here, I’m confident that Mr. Harrison is well aware of this and has sources he has not yet revealed.)

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2 Responses to A question for Jonathan Harrison

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  2. Jett Rucker says:

    The URL in the (2007) quote from Harrison is dead. The new URL to the document is https://archive.is/feAjN.

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