Muehlenkamp lies about Provan

In his ludicrous mis-analysis of burial space, Roberto Muelenkamp has made heavy use of an experiment of Charles Provan. Obviously, this use is quite absurd – if you want to study burial space in mass graves, is makes sense to study burial space in mass graves, rather than attempt to infer something from a small-scale experiment in which a few people, mostly children, and a doll attempted to squeeze into a small space. Yet Muehlenkamp wasn’t satisfied with that level of absurdity, but felt the need to enhance his results with a vulgar lie. Muehlenkamp writes (manifesto, p. 418):

Provan’s box had a volume of 21 x 21 x 60.5 = 26,680.50 cubic inches or 0.44 cubic meters, and he managed to squeeze 8 people (including the doll representing a baby) into that space – a concentration of 18.2 per cubic meter.

Muehlenkamp has recently repeated the same analysis (mainly just spamming his previous writings).

Provan does indeed give the height of 60.5 inches. However, it is entirely clear that this is the merely height of his box, not of the space his subjects fit into. In fact, he writes:

I had my woodworking friend construct a plywood box with a floor space of 21 inches by 21 inches, one glass side, one open side, and an open top.

It is completely evident from one of Provan’s photos that the people extended above the height of the box.

Provan made it absolutely clear that his apparatus was open on the top, and Muehlenkamp had been citing Provan’s experiment for some five years before the release of the HC manifesto. Consequently, it’s hard to imagine that even Muehlenkamp could have made such a error inadvertently. In fact, on the very same page of the manifesto, Muehlenkamp refers to “Provan’s photos”, demonstrating that he had seen the photo linked above.

Therefore, this is no innocent mistake, but yet another of Muehlenkamp’s deliberate deceptions.

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