Muehlenkamp cornered, lies through his teeth

As I rapidly tire of explaining the obvious, particularly to an individual with a staggeringly poor ability to comprehend texts, I have often chosen to ignore Roberto Muehlenkamp’s incoherent wall-of-text replies. Sometimes, however, one has to go through the details, just to show what a disgraceful liar Muehlenkamp is.

Regarding the question of whether Muehlenkamp’s claims about weight are supported by data, I had claimed that they were not. Because I mentioned that Muehlenkamp had not given his source properly, he assumed that I was unable to locate it, and wrote a mocking reply pointing out that it was not difficult to locate. I replied, explaining that it was quite clear that I had located the source, as I had quoted information from it, namely the BMI range of 15-18.8:

Had Muehlenkamp read a little more carefully, he would have noticed that nowhere did I state that I could not locate his source. In fact, I explicitly stated that it was a web site, which is not specified in the manifesto, and I explicitly explained that Muehlenkamp took the BMI range of 15-18.8 from this website. These numbers are not given in the manifesto. How could I have obtained them without locating his source? They are certainly not standard in the literature.

Muehlenkamp then replied [emphasis added]:

Jansson now claims that he did locate my source. If so, why didn’t he mention it, instead rambling away about BMI values that are mentioned in neither this source nor my writings, contending that I had claimed that “underweight individuals have a BMI between 15 and 18.8” and that based “on this”, I had given “the figures of 38 and 48 kg”?

Jansson rhetorically asks how he could have obtained “them” (meaning the 38 – 48 kg kg weight range) without locating my source. Easy, Mr. Jansson. The weight range is expressly stated on p. 417 of the HC critique (see also the blog Mattogno, Graf & Kues on the Aktion Reinhard(t) Mass Graves (3) :
According to the Body Measurement Index table104, a person with a height of 1.60 meters is underweight at 38 to 48 kg.

Having missed the source of this weight range, or not being willing to mention it, Jansson speculated or pretended to speculate on how I had arrived at these weight ranges based on BMI values I had never mentioned. As simple as that.

As to his claim that his “pure inventions” blather referred to “the numbers which he invents for weights”, what is he talking about? The mean that (as Jansson expressly mentioned) I took of the aforementioned weight figures, which I expressly stated to be an assumption? That’s also not convincing, to put it politely.

Jansson should try to make his excuses more credible.

And I’m still waiting for his apology

As is plain from my text quoted above, the antecedent of the pronoun “them” is not the range 38-48 kg, which is not even mentioned, but the BMI range 15-18.8. Muehlenkamp’s claim that this is not mentioned in his source is deeply dishonest: the range is given on the same website right here and forms the basis for the calculations of the rounded figures which he uses.

The fact that I mentioned the BMI range of 15-18.8 in my initial post demonstrates that I had located Muehlenkamp’s source. (And yes, the claim that the midpoint of the BMI range of 15-18.8 corresponds to the mean value for the Warsaw ghetto is an invention on Muehlenkamp’s part, unsupported by any data, and contradicted by all available data.)

Thus Muehlenkamp, having been caught out misreading a text, has chosen to double down and hope to obfuscate the matter by pretending that I referred to something that he did mention, when in fact I referred to something which he did not (and thereby proved that I had located the source).

He is thus, in addition to being an illiterate moron, an arrant liar.

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