Muehlenkamp’s imaginary foot-deep puddle: simple calculations refute inane speculation

Roberto Muehlenkamp has repeatedly asked my opinion on the quantities of gasoline used on the Dresden pyres, as follows:

So please tell me, Mr. Jansson, how much gasoline do you think they used to cremate 6,865 corpses (or 10 times that many, if you choose to fall for the doctored version of TB 47) on the Dresden Altmarkt after the bombing of 13/14 February 1945?

Do you accept my calculation whereby it was about 68,000 liters (more than twice the daily consumption of a Panzer division, at a time when Nazi Germany was fighting for survival and its armed forces were running woefully short of fuel)?

Do you think 68,000 liters is too high, as one might think Mattogno does?

Or do you think the amount was twice or three times or four times as high (implying a Panzer division immobilized for lack of fuel not two but four, six or eight days)?

Let’s have your take on this, Mr. Jansson. I’m definitely curious.

The answer is quite simple. I believe that the source base for the Dresden pyres is inadequate for a technical analysis. The procedures used, steps taken, and the final result are all in doubt. After all, what sources, exactly, support Muehlenkamp’s contentions that gasoline was the predominant fuel? In spite of these complications, which undermine any attempt to use the Dresden pyres as a source for the study of mass cremation, one can easily show that Muehlenkamp’s suppositions about the fueling are false. If his claims about the amount of gasoline used were true, and this amount was used on the pyre pictured, then given the estimates which have been made for their dimensions simple arithmetic shows that there should have been a puddle of gasoline around a foot deep covering the entire area of the pyre. Obviously there was not. The notion of refueling mid-burn is ruled out by gasoline’s explosiveness. Thus, Muehlenkamp’s beliefs are readily refuted by a simple back-of-the-envelope calculation. How is it that in the years he’s been spamming his nonsense on this matter that he never managed to work this through himself?

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