Six million dead Jews in 1942

A reference to six million dead Jews from 1942 – from Abraham Lewin’s Warsaw ghetto diary, entry of 29 December, 1942:

Hitler has already killed five, six million Jews

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3 Responses to Six million dead Jews in 1942

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  2. Very interesting. I was curious what the source was, and I was about to ask you, but then I remembered that this is the Internet, so I looked it up. Here for the record . . .

    Lewin, Abraham _A Cup of Tears: A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto_. Fontana, 1988. p. 38.

  3. Andrww says:

    Frederich Jansson, to the great dismay of the Holocaust Controversies blogger and Holocaust promoters in general, it appearss that you are 100 percent correct. I wonder what excuses they will come up for this one.

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