A preview of coming attractions

Over the next couple of weeks, this blog will serialize a paper of mine critiquing the manifesto written by the bloggers of holocaust controversies. This paper grew out of the material which was omitted from my previous review so as to hit a word-count target.

The paper includes

— How Nick Terry tried to neutralize the Treblinka steam chamber report… and ended up scoring an own goal

— How Jonathan Harrison thought he had sure evidence of a Hitler order to kill the Jews… on the basis of Alfred Rosenberg’s use of a word that can be and has been used non-homicidally in the German language

— How Jason “Myers” suppressed numerous falsehoods in and contradictions between the witness statements he used… and how he supported his belief in extermination on the basis of a story about a railroad man being invited, together with someone’s visiting mother, to see the Jews be killed with hydrogen cyanide at Treblinka

— How Roberto Muehlenkamp mangled his treatment of decomposition, how his ignorance of anthrax caused him to fundamentally misinterpret his main source on cremation, and what flimsy foundations lie beneath his confident citation of secondary sources for another of his fundamental cremation arguments

and more. A pdf of the paper will be made available when the serialization is complete.

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