Another mention of six million Jews from 1942

I recently pointed out that a December 1942 entry of Abraham Lewin’s Warsaw ghetto diary mentions the figure of six million Jews killed by Hitler. It turns out that Lewin was not the first Warsaw diarist to mention this figure. Earlier that month (December 14), Emmanuel Ringelblum recorded the following in his diary:

They have liquidated 5-6 million European Jews and it doesn’t seem that the German war machine suffers because of this.

Source: E. Ringelblum, Notatki z getta, Biuletyn Żydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego, No. 13-14, 1955, p. 266.

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3 Responses to Another mention of six million Jews from 1942

  1. Andrww says:

    Interesting.Can you please tell me where got this passage from?

  2. Argl Borps says:

    You might want to watch this video. The 6 million Jews number has been haunting Newspapers in the US and Europe ever since the 1910s.

    • Andrww says:

      I am aware of those articles. It is very peculiar how they mention exactly 6 million suffering, not even an estimate, since 1900.

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