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Burial space, part 12: two mass graves from the 30 years war

This post deals with burial density in two graves from the 30 years war, one at Wittstock and one at Lützen. The Wittstock grave dates to 1636, and measures 6*3.5 meters [21 square meters]. It contains 88 complete bodies, as … Continue reading

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David Lea: unknown Auschwitz sonderkommando

David Boder’s interview with Auschwitz sonderkommando David Lea has been ignored in the holocaust literature, although an Auschwitz sonderkommando who told his story relatively early (1946) ought to be given due consideration. Lea explains that he was from Saloniki. He … Continue reading

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Burial space, part 8a: update on the Tomasica site

A previous post in this burial space series addressed several mass graves in the Balkans, including the recently discovered Tomasica mass grave site. The progress of the excavations at that site allow us to give a somewhat more complete, though … Continue reading

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