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Muehlenkamp’s Ettling imposture

In a long series of writings (e.g. manifesto, p. 468), Roberto Muehlenkamp (the only person currently attempting the technical feasibility of holocaust burial and cremation claims) has made rhetorical use of a 1969 paper by Bruce Ettling in order to … Continue reading

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Nicholas Terry and Black Propaganda

In his contribution to the holocaust controversies manifesto, Nicholas Terry makes (p. 43) a big fuss over the somewhat loose use of the term “black propaganda” which has been made in some revisionist works. The objection seems rather pointless, given … Continue reading

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Taking out the garbage

The hapless Roberto Muehlenkamp has continued to attempt responses to a number of my posts. Muehlenkamp’s disorganized meanderings, which rely heavily on attempted line-by-line “rebuttals” that fail to engage with the full argument being made, are characteristically thoughtless, being written … Continue reading

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Muehlenkamp’s body-mass delusion: a case of BMI abuse

Foundational to Roberto Muehlenkamp’s misrepresentations of the realities concerning burial space at the Reinhardt camps is his claim that Polish Jews weighed an average of 34 kilograms (75 pounds). This claim is based on the assumptions that (1) one third … Continue reading

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US government official: ‘Ausrottung’ does not imply killing

An interesting find from the records of the War Refugee Board: In mid-1944, as the Vrba-Wetzler report on Auschwitz was making the rounds, the US government official Landreth M. Harrison wrote the following letter: Thus Landreth M. Harrison confirmed that … Continue reading

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Muehlenkamp lies about Provan

In his ludicrous mis-analysis of burial space, Roberto Muelenkamp has made heavy use of an experiment of Charles Provan. Obviously, this use is quite absurd – if you want to study burial space in mass graves, is makes sense to … Continue reading

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Muehlenkamp doubles down on stupid

After I devoted one post to refuting Roberto Muehlenkamp’s insinuation that the Cimeti√®re des Innocents demonstrates the possibility of remarkably dense burials, and another to pointing out that that Muehlenkamp’s analysis implies that pigs will self-cremate, I was well aware … Continue reading

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