Revisionism and History: response to Muehlenkamp’s regurgitation of Nick Terry

Making reference to the present site, Roberto Muehlenkamp has recently made a blog post regurgitating an argument of Nick Terry to the effect that revisionism does not constitute history.

I have already explained why Terry’s argument (now regurgitated by Muehlenkamp) is incorrect.

Muehlenkamp even asks:

If you can’t tell a story, then why should anyone listen to you?

This is the whine of a ill-bred child begging its parents for bedtime entertainment, and not a sentiment that would be expressed by any thinking person genuinely interested in investigating the truth. Furthermore, the term “history” does not come from “story”, feminist complaints about his-story notwithstanding, but from the Greek historia, or inquiry. Doing history is about enquiring into the past, not just telling stories.

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